How to be an entrepreneur?

I’ve given a lot of time to thinking about documenting my journey as an entrepreneur. The one thing that is always missing is the time to write and so I’m going to try and do just that, write!

There isn’t any magic formula or at least no one has told me what it is (If you do know, please share with me) to be a successful person. I believe that with any task, outline of the outcome is the first step so lets just do that, define the best possible outcome for myself that will be my measure of success.

  1. Having more the 50% of my week free to work on any thing that I like.
  2. Not having to work for a boss
  3. Having more than $5M in the bank in my savings account and about the same in investments that provide a steady income
  4. Being able to take more than 3 weeks off at will and travel / visit any country in the world or stay at home with my kids
  5. Being in good health to be able to bike, run and swim a mile in a reasonable time

That should be it. 5 points are good to define any one level of success and to me this covers the 3 most important things in life, Health (should be #1, even though its at 5), Time to do what you want  (#2) and Financial security to not have to worry about day to day normal expenses etc.

Now that we have defined that, I’ll start to outline my plan and detail how much of that has been achieved and how!

I’ll start with each point and go from there. Each point will be an article series and some of them are of course still a work in progress. So it might take longer than usual. But stay tuned for more!

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