How to create time for starting a business?

There is no glory in quitting a full time job and putting yourself and your family savings at risk. That’s how I feel. I know a lot of folks will not agree with me and I’m totally fine with that. You see I’m not yet a full time entrepreneur and to me that is a safe yet sensible option. I’m not saying that eventually once everything is in place one will not have to be full time on your passion/company but until and unless you are not 100% committed and have not planned everything out from that point to success at least 5 times and have it written out, do not quite your day job. The reason is that even after doing all the planning and previously mentioned steps, you will have so many problems so now imagine not having a plan and savings and other things taken into account and jumping in to raise funds and starting a company? It’s a recipe for stress and disaster. I’ve seen first hand how long it takes to get approvals and licenses for any idea to become even remotely feasible. Why risk your cash flow from your job until you have that?

Now, the key thing to do though, is to create time for yourself to work on your idea while having a job. This is really hard. You have to systematically make choices that will lead you to a position or a job where you can trade the cash that you *might* have gotten from another job for the time that you will get in another. The best way to do this is to work in an industry that requires more mental work than physical. For eg. while a biologist works really hard in the lab doing experiments, a computer scientist works hard with his mind and has more flexibility. Same comparison holds for a statistician / mathematician / physicist versus a mechanical /civil / production engineer. Sometimes the choice is not so simple and black and white and that can make things hard but the key is to remember to make a series of choices that will lead you to such a job which has less in person time and more options from “work from home”.

How you do that is  probably another blog post but for now, if you are in a job that has no time for anything else, start thinking of ways to transition from there to another job (or a different boss in the same job/project?) where you have the option of having more time to yourself. Note, this does not mean you stop working on the WFH (work from home) days. You still have to work, you just get a little extra time to yourself at home or at a cafe or you can schedule your work around your second idea/project.  More on how to come up with ideas later. For now, start thinking of how to get to this point!

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