Single Cell Analysis Course

This course will cover detailed analysis for Single Cell RNA-seq data


  • What is scRNA-seq and Why do we need it? (Lecture 1)
  • Protocols and methodology for scRNA-seq setup (Lecture 1)
  • Challenges, Experimental Methods, Platforms & Computational Analysis (Lecture 2-6)
  • This course will deal with the computational analysis of the data obtained from scRNA-seq experiments. The initial steps are same as for regular RNA-seq data. Steps marked in Orange require a mix of existing RNASeq analysis methods and novel methods to address the technical difference of scRNASeq

Software used during the course

  • SCONE (Single-Cell Overview of Normalized Expression), a package for single-cell RNA-seq data quality control and normalization. (Lecture 7)
  • Seurat is an R package designed for QC, analysis, and exploration of single cell RNA-seq data. (Lecture 8)
  • ASAP (Automated Single-cell Analysis Pipeline) is an interactive web-based platform for single-cell analysis. (Lecture 9)

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