Our focus

Connecting Teachers, Tutors and Parents

Reducing teacher workload by connecting teachers and volunteer tutors. Teachers can create and assign custom lesson plans for volunteer tutors and get feedback for each student and lesson


Providing quality Lesson Plans prepared and vetted by teachers that help guide the tutoring session and provide enough time to tailor each session based on individual student needs


Parents get free lesson plans that the teacher prepares for volunteer tutors. Extra problem sets as well as guidelines. Know what other students are learning. Hire professional help when needed


Providing help BEFORE the student falls behind in class is key. We facilitate getting real time help at no or low cost to parents leading to better testing outcomes for all types of families

About US

What is LearnTAV?
Connecting Teachers, Tutors & Parents to help Students

Our aim is to help teachers reduce their workload. We do this via an application designed to interface teachers, parents and the tutors in order to bridge the learning gap for students. Teachers assign lesson plans for volunteer students. These lesson plans are made available to all parents. Parents can hire external help or use these lessons as guidelines for extra practice for their child. Tutors available on our software are volunteers and charge 20-50% less when providing out of classroom help to parents. We provide the best quality lessons, customized by the teacher and in sync with classroom instruction. Real time help at low or no cost to parents.

  • Free for schools and Parents

    Teachers and parents get to use this software free of charge

  • Experienced Tutors

    All tutors on this app are experienced, have passed a rigorous background check and are committed to providing low cost tutoring

  • Feature

    20-50% Lower Cost for tutoring outside of the classroom

  • In Sync with Classroom Teaching

    Since the teacher creates and assigns these lessons, you know exactly what is happening in your child's classroom

Our Team

Creating a village is hard, but we're doing our best!
Dr. Vishal Thapar
Dr. Vishal Thapar
Vishal has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Post Doc in Genetics. He has worked in multiple startups and is currently working at Massachusetts General Hospital as a Senior Scientist and Instructor
Dr. Rohini Sen
Dr. Rohini Sen
Dr. Sen has a Ph.D in Psychometrics from the NEAG school of Education at UConn. She has spent a lot of time working on testing outcomes and preparing measurement instruments that help measure student performance in the possible manner
Education Yogi
Education Yogi
Chief Curriculum Officer
You Are passionate about education and want to make a difference in this world. You have a strong background in curriculum design for K-12 classrooms. You are based in/around Boston and have worked in the public school system for 5+ years. We would love to hear from you!
Sales Guru
Sales Guru
Chief Sales Officer
You are someone who loves the idea of making a sale. You’ve worked in the Public School system in/around Boston and your network extends deep into schools around the Greater Boston Area. You’ve made a name for yourself and are now looking for new glory by changing the world and making a difference in the lives of young people.

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